#61 Barbara Hammer: The Poetry of Her Films

#61 Barbara Hammer: The Poetry of Her Films

October 6, 2017Uncategorized

We in the queer community know how essential it is to create a family of choice, and in Barbara and her partner of many decades, Florrie, I am supremely lucky for the bonds we share—hiking, fishing, swimming, digging in the dirt, talking deeply, and a dedication to poetry and film. I am a lover of … Read More

#61 Charles W. Leslie: Delmas Howe Discusses His Best Friend

#61 Charles W. Leslie: Delmas Howe Discusses His Best Friend

September 21, 2017Uncategorized

You are aware that the Museum will be honoring Charles Leslie on October 3rd. As you have known Charles for well over fifty years, and consider him your best friend, I want to ask you how this phenomenal man came to be. That’s right. I have known Charles since 1962. We met through my roommate, Larry Hayward, who was … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Sophia Wallace

April 27, 2017Speaker Series

Sophia Wallace focuses on her work “CLITERACY”, new projects, and shares some early work and personal anecdotes. This talk explores how from ancient history to the modern day, the clitoris has been discredited, dismissed and deleted — and women’s pleasure has often been left out of the conversation entirely. Sophia Wallace challenges the lies, questioning … Read More


April 27, 2017Speaker Series

Susie Bright discusses her work as a photo editor, art director, and photography curator for over 30 years, including with On Our Backs magazine, Nothing But the Girl, and the Cornell Human Sexuality Archive. Artists represented include Honey Lee Cottrell, Tee Corinne, Jill Posener, Morgan Gwenwald, Del LaGrace Volcano, Leon (Tracy) Mostovoy, Phyllis Christopher, and … Read More


April 13, 2017Speaker Series

Chitra Ganesh’s drawing based practice brings to light narrative representations of femininity, sexuality, and power typically absent from canons of literature and art. Her wall installations, comics, charcoal drawings, and mixed media works on paper often take historical and mythic texts as inspiration and points of departure to complicate received ideas of iconic female forms. … Read More

SPEAKERS SERIES: Chris Bogia & Fire Island Artist Residency

March 30, 2017Speaker Series

Chris Bogia is the Co-Founder and Director of Fire Island Artist Residency (FIAR), the first LGBTQ artist residency in the world, located in Cherry Grove, on Fire Island, NY. A visual artist and instructor of sculpture at New York University, Bogia shares his personal work and describes the inspiration behind founding the Fire Island Artist … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Aaron McIntosh: Queer + Southern: Roots + Diasporas

November 10, 2016Speaker Series

In his talk, “Queer + Southern: Roots + Diasporas” Aaron McIntosh addresses the historic and contemporary creative cultural production of queer Southern artists, as well as the impacts of migration, brain-drain and rural/urban divides on artists’ lives. Aaron McIntosh is a fourth generation quiltmaker and cross-disciplinary artist whose work mines the intersections of material culture, … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Hunter Reynolds: Survival AIDS “Into the Light”

November 3, 2016Speaker Series

A panel comprised of his collaborators Babirye Leilah Burns Sculptor, Raphaël Sanchez – Photographe, Vincent Tiley, and Gail Thacker, discuss Hunter’s recent performance “Survival AIDS Into the Light”, created at the Bronx Museum for the “Art AIDS America” exhibition along with other performances. Tracing a lifetime of collaborative practices, the panel discusses performance art as … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Jonathan David Katz in conversation with Geoffrey Hendricks, Andrea Evans, and Brad Melamed, discussing the work of Brian Buczak

September 15, 2016Speaker Series

A Deeper Dive artist, Brian Buczak came of age during the rise of performance and conceptual art in the late 1970s. Trained in these practices, he was associated with Fluxus in his early years, largely through the relationship with his then boyfriend, Geoffrey Hendricks, an important Fluxus figure. Buczak took up figurative painting at a … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Stephen Varble and Genderqueer Performance on the Streets of 1970s New York with David J. Getsy

September 8, 2016Speaker Series

The Leslie-Lohman Museum Speakers Series presents David J. Getsy’s talk which explores performance artist, playwright, and fashion designer Stephen Varble (1946–1984), who was a fixture on the streets of SoHo in the 1970s, but whose ephemeral practice has largely gone unrecognized in histories of art. His guerrilla practice aimed at disruption — of commerce, of … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Gay Life in the 1970’s in New York City

June 28, 2016Speaker Series

Gay Life in 1970s NYC Panel Discussion with introduction and moderation by Hunter O’Hanian featuring Stanley Stellar, Ellen Shumsky, Jonathan Ned Katz, and Michela Griffo Gay Life in 1970s NYC was a program which ran in conjunction with The 1970s: The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment. The 1970s explored the vibrant and liberating decade following … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Second Wave Feminist

June 23, 2016Speaker Series

The 2nd Wave: Feminist Legacies with introduction and moderation by Deborah Bright featuring Flavia Rando, Leah DeVun, and Clarity Haynes. The 2nd Wave: Feminist Legacies is a program which ran in conjunction with The 1970s: The Blossoming of a Queer Enlightenment. The 1970s explored the vibrant and liberating decade following the Stonewall Riots in 1969. … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Individual Mythologist: Vulnerability, Generosity, and Relationality in Ulay’s Queer Feminist Self Imaging with Amelia Jones

March 14, 2016Speaker Series

The Leslie-Lohman Speakers Series presents art historian Amelia Jones. Chair of the Visual Culture department at McGill University, Jones is one of the most well recognized queer, anti-racist, feminist art historians working today. She has lectured throughout the world and the author of numerous publications. On March 14, Amelia Jones presented a lecture based on … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Leon Mostovoy’s “Transfigure”

February 25, 2016Speaker Series

Leon Mostovoy’s “Transfigure” lecture at the Leslie-Lohman Museum. During the program, the audience was encouraged to interact with the project website, transfigureproject.com. The artist’s goal is to create synergy by connecting trans communities regardless of locale. Mostovoy’s lecture was followed by his “Transfigure” exhibition at Leslie-Lohman’s Price Street Project Space February 26-28. For more information about … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video 

December 18, 2015Speaker Series

Using human beauty, desire, Eros, and sexuality, this new photography based exhibition reveals that cultural differences, whether defined by national borders, sexual orientation, or gender identification, can be simultaneously vast yet familiar. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or country of origin, feelings of desire, when successfully represented, can serve to minimize our differences and bring … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Barbara Hammer “The Hidden Hammer”

November 18, 2015Speaker Series

“The Hidden Hammer” lecture will show and talk about the breadth Hammer’s work beyond film and video. Barbara Hammer is a visual artist working primarily in film and video. She has made over 80 moving image works in a career that spans 40 years. She is considered a pioneer of queer cinema.

SPEAKER SERIES: George Platt Lynes: A Life in Portraits By Allen Ellenzweig

November 18, 2015Speaker Series

Allen Ellenzweig gave a presentation about the life of the extraordinary twentieth-century American photographer, George Platt Lynes at the Leslie Lohman Museum on November 18, 2015. Using a wide range of illustrated material, Allen Ellenzweig will offer portraits of the amazing cast of characters who peopled Lynes’ relatively short but exciting life (1907-1955), including Gertrude … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Romaine Brooks: A Life

November 12, 2015Speaker Series

Cassandra Langer, the 21st century biographer of Romaine Brooks, is joined by art historian James Saslow and screenwriter/translator Suzanne Stroh on a panel as part of a book launch at the Leslie-Lohman Museum for “Romaine Brooks: A Life” The artistic achievements of Romaine Brooks (1874–1970), both as a major expatriate American painter and as a … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Attila Richard Lukacs

October 8, 2015Speaker Series

Attila Richard Lukacs is a Canadian artist known predominantly for his paintings of male skinheads, primates and American military cadets during the early 1990s whose brutally explicit work often shocks and provokes painters and critics alike. Dubbed Canada’s “official bad boy” by the Village Voice, Lukacs’ rise and fall was documented in the 2004 film … Read More


April 22, 2015Speaker Series

Elaborating on the idea that our bodies are often formed in relation to societal expectations, Cassils talk focused on their two most recent works “Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture” and “Becoming An Image” unpacking the process, historical context and points of inspiration which inform these works. Additionally, Cassils discussed their new works in progress and shared … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Jennifer Tyburczy & Artists from “Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship”

April 3, 2015Speaker Series

Artists Baris Barlas, Alex Donis, Michelle Handelman, Kimi Tayler, and Barbara Nitke join curator, Jennifer Tyburczy to discuss current exhibition Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship. The artists and curator will consider the historical, cultural, and political ways in which censorship of queer artwork has inspired and expanded LGBTQ art in the U.S. and around the … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: The Theater and the Theater Outside the Theater: Robert Wilson in Conversation

August 17, 2014Speaker Series

A conversation between Robert Wilson, Jonathan David Katz, and Peter Harvey talking about poignant moments of Wilson’s career, the relationship between sexuality and creativity, and the Watermill Center—a unique environment for young and emerging artists from around the world to explore new ideas. This talk is a rare opportunity to hear Robert Wilson as he … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: A History of the History of The Homoerotic Photograph – book and talk by Allen Ellenzweig

October 3, 2013Speaker Series

To celebrate the paperback publication of the 1992 landmark illustrated history, The Homoerotic Photograph: Male Images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe, author Allen Ellenzweig tells of the 15-year journey that it took to publish the original book and presents some of his favorite homoerotic images, both from the book and elsewhere. Allen Ellenzweig is an arts … Read More

SPEAKER SERIES: Duane Michals: I am Gay

August 13, 2013Speaker Series

Duane Michals is an American photographer. Michals’ work makes innovative use of photo-sequences, often incorporating text to examine emotion and philosophy. Join us for a conversation with artist Duane Michals as he talks about his work and the art making process. He we get an intimate and humorous view of his life, passions, and career.

SPEAKER SERIES: Kent Monkman in conversation with Jonathan David Katz

March 1, 2013Speaker Series

This lecture was in conjunction with the exhibition  RARE & RAW. RARE & RAW explored queer history by examining notions of power, sexuality, history, and the queer gaze. Connecting Canadian and American artists of different generations, it engaged the past to illuminate issues that affect queer lives and queer representations today. Kent Monkman is one … Read More