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Image: Rachel Farmer, Ancestors Traversing Quilts (detail), 2017. Site-specific installation including ceramic, fabric, batting, and yarn. 77 x 258 x 20 in. Photo: (c) Etienne Frossard.

RACHEL FARMER: Ancestors Traversing Quilts

Jul 27 - Sep 17, 2018

GROUP FAIL PONY PLAY is an eco-utopic queer habitat that references such divergent sites as equine-ass

Ancestors Traversing Quilts is a site-specific installation created by Rachel Farmer for our Living Room Gallery. Farmer’s work draws inspiration from a variety of sources: her Mormon pioneer ancestry, childhood play with ceramic figurines, her grandmother’s quilts, historical dioramas, and pop culture’s invented mythologies of the American West. This particular installation grew out of poring over her great-great-grandfather’s diary chronicling his immigrant journey from England to Utah Territory in 1853—while confronting the absence of information about her great-great-grandmother who made the same journey, as a single woman without family, in 1855.

Rachel Farmer is a Brooklyn based artist originally from Provo, Utah (b. 1972). She received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and works in a variety of media, including hand-built ceramic sculpture, photography and video. Her work has been exhibited nationally, and is included in the Brooklyn Museum’s Feminist Art Base, a digital archive. She was awarded a 2013-14 A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship, and was a resident artist at the Museum of Arts and Design through their Artist Studios Program in 2016.

isted therapy, playgrounds, bathhouses, and sex parties through ceramics, quilting, rug tufting, performance video, and live programming. This site-specific multimedia installation in the Museum’s Living Room Gallery functions as both an earnest ameliorative refuge and a self-reflexive parody of queer utopic daydreams. The project unifies sculptural practices, improvisational comedy, and shameless amateurism to posit queerness as a conduit for community building, a gesture of spontaneous world-building, and a liminal space nurturing both laughter and self-care.

As part of the exhibition, on October 4, the artist will be present for a soft opening during the Museum’s regular extended evening hours from 6-8PM. On October 16, Schmidt and Lily Marotta will co-host Queer Speed Cruising, an event for a wide spectrum of queirdos to matchmake with lovers, subletters, skillshares, and more. RSVP here. She will also team up with Black + Pink, on October 25, to host Pen-Pal Orientation & Matching: an opportunity to become acquainted with Black + Pink’s mission and to support our LGBTQI+ family behind bars. RSVP here.

Alex Schmidt (née @bodyconfidence) is a comedian who makes sculptures. Schmidt is the founder and co-captain of @dykesoccer and a chapter organizer for Black + Pink. She has also taught improv to senior citizens as a SU-CASA Artist-in-Residence (2018). Schmidt has performed at MoMA PS1, the Kitchen, PERFORMA, and American Medium. She has exhibited sculptures as part of a solo presentation at Rachel Comey (2016). Schmidt’s work has been featured in Dazed & Confused Magazine, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, and Art 21.