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Angelo Madsen Minax, Live Nude Genitals, 2012, Neon, Plexiglas, 36 x 36 in. Courtesy of the artist

ON OUR BACKS: The Revolutionary Art Of Queer Sex Work

Sep 28 - Jan 19, 2020

This exhibition explores the history of queer sex work culture, and its intimate ties to art and activism. Coined by bisexual activist, Carol Leigh, aka. The Scarlot Harlot in 1978, ‘sex work’ is broadly defined as exchanging sex or erotic services for gain and connotes personal agency and politicized action. More than a portrait of life at the margins, what emerges in this exhibit is a demonstration of queer and transgender sex workers’ deep community building, creative organizing, self-empowerment, identity/desire affirmation and healing and the use of pornography as a deft tool for queer and trans liberation.