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Of Special Note:
Philip Osborne

By David Jarrett

Philip Osborne (1926-1994) was an important male figurative artist from the U.K. Since his death in 1994, he has been overlooked by galleries in the U.K.

LLGAF has two Osborne paintings in the permanent collection (see www.leslielohman.org/Painting.htm.) The Foundation also has three of the artist’s paintings for sale (see www.leslielohman.org/Room23.htm.) Osborne is also represented in the New York collection of David Jarrett by three paintings. Philip Osborne was represtented by St. Jude and successor gallery Philip Graham Comtemporary Art from 1990 to 1995. An article on the artist appeared in The Archive, Spring 1997(3).
(See www.leslielohman.org/newsletter/No4/Osborne.html.)


(3) An Important Painting by Philip Osborne Is Donated to the Foundation, David L. Jarrett,
The Archive, Spring 1997, Vol. 3, Issue 1, pp. 10 – 11.

The Kiss, 1975
Acrylic on board
28.5" diam.

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