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Part 2:
Principal Artists Exhibiting at Adonis Art

By David Jarrett

Myles Antony

Myles Antony is a master of watercolor. Working only in this medium, he has a unique ability to project the beauty of the human body in many different poses. Although he has a following for his beautiful flower paintings, the bulk of his work is openly “gay”–he is not simply painting the male form, but projecting a life style and an image. In his most explicit pictures he depicts sexual arousal and scenes of sex-action, often with sado-masochistic themes.

However, many of his paintings are less explicit, concentrating on the beauty of the male body. Antony has a way of capturing beautiful faces and eyes, which has made his work very popular. For some people, his figures are “too beautiful” and his work is sometimes dismissed as sentimental. Antony himself insists that his pictures are portraits of real people whom he has encountered on the streets of London and Dublin.

He always works from live models. Myles Antony has semi-retired to his native city of Dublin after a successful career working as an artist in London.




Alexandra is the pseudonym of a female artist living in the English Midlands. An art teacher by profession, her discovery of the “male form” as a major subject for her work came by accident when one of her male students offered to model for her.
Since then, Alexandra has produced a series of oil paintings displaying increasing technical and compositional ability. She concentrates on the clothed male form, but allows the sensuality of the figure to show through. Her paintings are characterized by intense contrasts and colors; the backgrounds tend to be filled with detail, an effect that emphasizes the mood of the subjects in the foreground.


Warwick Beecham

Born 1947 in Melbourne, Australia, Warwick Beecham became a full-time painter in 1993 after an executive career at Movie World Studio on Australia’s Gold Coast. After studying with one of Australia’s foremost painters, Robert Lovett, he mounted his first exhibition in 1996, which completely sold out. His subject matter covers landscapes, seascapes and still life.

However, his primary focus is figurative work. His paintings of male figures relaxing on and around Sydney’s famous beaches faithfully reflects the sunny hedonistic lifestyle of Sydney. His technique is naturalistic and his subject matter non-sexual. His figures inhabit the landscape with a life of their own.

After successfully exhibiting his works in Australia, Warwick made his London debut at Adonis Art in 2000. Inspired by his childhood at the seaside town of Torquay, Victoria, his paintings draw upon his early observations of the moods of sea and surf– and of the Australian male beach culture. “I’ve spent my life on beaches. I love the water and I love to look. With the warm climate, people have actually got their clothes off, a lot of the time. You actually get to see the body. Watching guys take their surf togs off under a towel, hoping they’ll drop it for that quick flash– this I still enjoy!”

Warwick Beecham had his second exhibition at Adonis Art in October 2003.

The work of artists Frasier Diesel, Johan Ekkel, Zoran Korac, Conelius McCarthy, Andrew Potter and Matthew Stradling will be covered in a future article of The Archive.


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Myles Anthony
Myles Antony
Teen Idols
Watercolor on paper
20" x 14"

Alexandra Hotel Tijuana,2003
Oil on canvas
39" x 31"

Warwick Beecham
White Speedos, 2000
Oil on canvas
16" x 12"

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