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WHAT: In the Leslie-Lohman Studio the models are posed in sexually provocative ways and are chosen for their beauty and sexual energy and not necessarily for their experience as models. In general the poses are held for about twenty minutes with appropriate breaks. Typically, there are no long poses. There are about eight poses on average in a given evening. These are not instructional classes, are not meant for beginners; prior experience in drawing from life is necessary. We provide folding chairs, and a few easels are available, but just a few. Bring your own art materials and a small drawing board that can be balanced in your lap. Any medium is allowed such as charcoal, watercolor, pastel, etc. except those that have toxic odors such as oil paint and acetone markers. Spray fixative must not be used in the studio.


WHEN: Usually there is a three hour studio session each week, from 7PM - 10PM, on Wednesdays. Come a little early to get a good spot. We encourage the artists not to run off right at 10, but to stay and look at each other's work.


WHERE: The Prince St. Project Space, 127-B Prince Street between West Broadway and Wooster, close to the corner of Wooster Street. The address is not always visible; look for the stairs IN the sidewalk GOING DOWN to the basement. The black door is not locked until the studio is in session, but it might stick, so you have to push hard. Go down the long hallway to find the studio. If you come late, ring the bell.


HOW MUCH: The usual studio fee is $20, but members of the Leslie-Lohman Museum pay $15. Occasionally we have two models and then the fee is higher. Each week we are able to offer discounts to a few struggling artists. Requests for a discount should be made by email. We serve wine and seltzer and most of the artists take turns bringing snacks to add to the festivities, such as fruit, nuts, chips, etc.


WHO: This is not a group for beginners. Artists who wish to join the group must submit a portfolio for review. Those who are accepted for the Leslie-Lohman Studio will receive weekly email announcements alerting them as to the schedule and the model. The studio sessions are managed by Frank Sheehan and Rob Hugh Rosen. To attend, one should first call Rob Rosen at the Leslie-Lohman Museum: 212-431-2609



1. No one may speak to the model, and there is to be no interaction between the artists and the model, when the model is ON the model stand, except the one in charge of directing the pose.
2.  If an artist finds the model so alluring that he cannot concentrate on drawing, he may not simply sit and gape. He MUST at least TRY to draw.
3. Each artist must clean up after himself, i.e., if you have left pencil shavings on the floor, please sweep them up.
4. Photography is not permitted under any circumstance.
5. The use of cell phones is not permitted for any reason whatsoever in the studio when the models are posing.
6. Spray fixative and media that have toxic odors may not be used in the studio.


Selected Images
From The Leslie-Lohman Studio

Featuring Models: Alex, Andre, Chad, Leo, Jon,
Conrad, DanPaul, and Couples

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