Leslie Lohman Museum



December 10 - December 11, 12 - 6pm


Feral Women/Filmed Portraits

Katrina Del Mar

Del Mar revels in her fascination and obsession with Feral Women: a riveting and immersive exhibition of photo portraits, filmed portraits, black velvet paintings and drawings. “Women expressing wildness, sometimes overt, sometimes subtle, is a manifestation of innate power. The high hard femme, the bad girl, the rocker, the biker, the surfer-selkie, are icons of a new feminist pantheon.” The implied mirror or screen, a disrupted transmissive surface for exploring known and newly discovered selves via butch selfie drawings and filmed portraits, challenge accepted norms of representation.

Events During Exhibition:

Saturday, December 10, 6-8pm
Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers live reading / music series features poet and novelist Eileen Myles, poet Pamela Sneed, poet Mel Elberg, Katrina del Mar, and musicians Karyn Kuhl, Genny Slag, Kaki King, and Fiona Silver.

Sunday, December 11, 6-8pm
Film Screening (various short films TBD)


Opening Reception: Friday, December 9, 6-8 pm


Prince Street Project Space

Schedule and dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated information.  

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