Leslie Lohman Museum

Seyi Adebanjo: Trans Lives Matter!
September 24 – November 19, 2014


Queer/Art/ Mentorship presents, Seyi Adebanjo: Trans Lives Matter! at Leslie-Lohman Museum’s Wooster St Window Gallery. For the exhibition, artist, activist and QAM 2013-14 fellow in film making, Seyi Adebanjo has produced eight large scale photos. Selected from Adebanjo’s series of photographic and video works that document black trans community rallies, their empathic eye bears witness to people as they collectively grieve, give each other strength, and voice outrage at, "Cops, court, racism, jail, transphobia, prison, neighborhood violence, policing, classism and profiling. The level of criminalization and violence we deal with at the intersection of our black trans lives reveals the need for healing and justice in our communities." (Quote from Sasha Alexander, founder of Black Trans Media.)

Artist Statement: Seyi Adebanjo:
I am a visual artist who raises awareness around social issues through multi-media photography, performance art and documentary video. My work is the intersection of art, media, imagination, ritual and politics. My work is lyrical, engaging people in trans-formative, political and spiritual dialogues. My art communicates with a distinct voice on many themes: gender fluidity, Queerness, spirituality, “Womyn” of Color, transgender People of Color, and white supremacy. Motivated by my passion to make the invisible visible, my art claims space and reclaims lives.

My art practice is built upon the foundation of my cultural heritage, ritual, political histories and hybrid identities. As a Queer gender non- conforming Yorùbá Nigerian living in the South Bronx I situate the work in the techniques & aesthetic of African Cinema, Third cinema, lyrical documentaries, AfroSurrealism, Theatrical Jazz, utilizing Julie Dash, Marlon T. Riggs, Ousmane Sembène, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Sharon Bridgforth & The Black Audio Film Collective for inspiration. My multi-media projects rewrite visual style and evoke a dialogue between technology, class, gender, spirituality and language.

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