Leslie Lohman Museum

NEXT Magazine Fifth-Annual Pride Photo Contest June 25 - July 15, 2014
Wooster Street Window Gallery

Features the top ten chosen photographs submitted for the contest addressing the theme of what gay life looks like --it's more than just pink feather boas and rainbow flags. We've got old and young, black and white, bearded and clean-shaven, short and tall, rich and poor. The image with the most "likes" on the NEXT magazine's Facebook page was crowned the Grand Prize winner.

Work exhibited in the Wooster Street Window Gallery is on view to the public twenty-four hours a day from street level at 26 Wooster Street.



Richard Vechi
“It portrays a real life situation and the relationship between two men.”




Davide Laffe
“[It] shows the transition between a gay male and a fabulous drag queen. Under everything we are all human.”







Camilo Velez
“Voguing and dancing are timeless on the Chelsea piers.”






Joe Schmelzer
“This is a slice of real life: the ordinary moment of checking one’s phone and just being quiet.”



Gastohn Barrios *Grand Prize Winner*
“The wing drawn on the street shows her as a martyr, a divine creature like all of us.”







Michael Charles Swartz
“I feel like it really captures gay culture perfectly: drugs and money and sex.”







Kreerath Sunittramat
“Gay life is, in my opinion, about meeting a random casual encounter.”




Rob Ordonez
“Geary Marcello causes a commotion wherever he goes. I love him because he doesn’t care what the world thinks of him!”




Bryan Cash
“Every eye in the room was fixated on this gay man dressed as a woman, and I realized just how special and unique this art form is to our community.”



Jason Russo
“It’s opening night at a brand new gay club in Queens! This photo, to me, is all about celebration!”

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